Hi, Evelyn,


Looking at Amazon.com, I’m guessing that Vintage let it go out of print because of competition from all of the print-on-demand houses, who can freely issue the novel because it’s in the public domain. Of course the same is true of her novels of the teens, but One of Ours has likely had a smaller demand than those novels.




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Hello all,

I’m co-teaching with a British history prof a course next fall entitled “1918: Anglo-American Culture and Society in a World at War.”  I want to teach One of Ours as our American novel of the war and I ordered the Vintage edition, but our bookstore is saying it’s out of print. Really???!!!


I know that some might say I should use the SE, but we’re trying to keep costs down.  The other editions available on Amazon are those “Create Space” Publisher editions (predatory publishers?). 


What’s going on?  What editions are you all using?  How can this go out of print in 2018!





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