Dear all,


It is with terrible sadness that I bear the news of Angela's passing, on March 27th, after a long fight with cancer. She was a regular at Cather conferences, co-organized one with Merrill Skaggs , and some of you may remember that she last gave a paper in Pittsburgh, on alchemy in Cather. She could not attend the Limavady conference but asked for news and pics. She worked at Bloomfield College. Her PhD dissertation was on The Wayward Nun of Amherst: Emily Dickinson and Medieval Mystical Women.


She did not die in pain or in fear, and her husband Roberto Osti was with her the whole time. She is survived by two wonderful children (still in High School).


She was devoted to Cather studies and will be terribly missed.



Françoise Palleau

Université Paris 13, Sorbonne Paris Cité