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Thanks, Andy--so great to be alerted to this testimony to the way Cather's works keep generating new acts of creativity.

Best to all,

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I found the story inspiring, and it reinforces so much of why we support the humanities. When we teach or talk to book clubs or spread the word among friends or support libraries and museums, we can inspire talented people. I read the story yesterday from a link on the Cather Foundation Facebook page—like 5 Bank Street, a good source for all things Cather. Wishing good stories and good storytelling to all.



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My own relationship with My Ántonia has evolved over the years, but it was the book that knocked me off of my pre-law track as an undergraduate. I wonder if that influence, for those of us deeply affected by the book, comes from explicit invitations to personal stories (like Jim Burden’s to the narrator) or from a more subliminal effect, such as we get from Jim’s visit to the Widow Steavens? Perhaps unknowable.


Thanks for sharing, Andy.




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This is so wonderful.  I think the film is out tomorrow on demand.  I can't wait.  Thanks for sending this.


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Dear Cather Community:


As a testament to the sometimes-surprising ways Cather can influence contemporary writers and artists, I suggest you read writer and director Lee Isaac Chung’s essay in the L. A. Times from earlier this week. As you may know, his new film, Minari, is getting rave reviews, and I personally look forward to seeing it as soon as I can.


Wishing you all well,




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